7 Natural Ways to Make Your Hair Silky Straight


Hair Silky Straight

While girls with straight hair rely on however to make it wavier, girls with frizzly hair area unit dreaming concerning creating it silky straight. several styling devices will hurt the hair structure, and you can’t continually be sure about the impact of chemical hair straightening procedures.

They are natural ways that to create hair straight, and that we wish to share them with all the ladies United Nations agency have frizzly hair.

1- correct styling begins in the shower.

It’s not a joke. You won’t produce a good hairdo while not a good shampoo and conditioner. In this case, certify you decide on merchandise that contain ceratin, that is well illustrious permanently straightening properties.
After laundry your hair, use a towel created of highly sorbent material. for instance, an antibacterial bamboo rest room towel.
Very gently, dry your hair with a towel to avoid hair injury and opacity. fastidiously rub it with a towel on the length to remove excess wetness.

2- Learn additional concerning cosmetic straightening

Straightening creams and serums
They should be applied on the length of the hair and left to dry. These product defend from UV rays and damaging and heating of the hair structure. the sole disadvantage is they can’t be used with a hair dye as a result of it blocks the cream from getting in the hair’s core. Thus, the impact of use won’t be noticeable.

Straightening sprays and smoothing oils

They can be applied to both wet and dry hair. Despite the convenience of using sprays, they need an unpleasant disadvantage: most of them contain silicone polymer and different harmful ingredients that pile up in the hair and harm it from the within. On the different hand, oils work well for each hair straightening and warmth protection.

Using hair masks on a regular basis can build your hair look silken and sleek. Hair masks square measure created to nourish and wash your hair as well as work on its internal structure. once hair is healthy from the within, it looks gorgeous in any vogue.

3- select the proper kind of comb.

Don’t use spherical brushes as a result of they’re created to curl the hair, particularly at the ends.
To brush your hair properly, use a wide-tooth comb — it’s nice for unsnarling your hair. you’ll be able to even use it in the shower to apply conditioner to every inch of your locks.

4- A ponytail will assist you conquer stubborn curled hair.

After a proper washing, wait till your hair is at least 70% dry and build a low tight coiffure. If you have bangs or hair that falls out of a ponytail, fix it with hairpins. Comb the coiffure to make sure there square measure no tangles.
Use many hair ties to fix your hair each 5-7 cm (the variety of hair ties depends on the length of your hair). cowl your head with a silk scarf, and wait till your hair is dry. achieve the headband, and take away all the hair ties. Comb your hair. There you go!

5- you’ll be able to build your hair straight by combing it.

Let your hair dry naturally once the shower, however don’t forget to comb it every 5 minutes. half your hair in several sections, and slightly pull every section so that your hair remains in a straight type. you’ll be able to use a hair drier as well but solely on the cool setting.

6- Or you can use a secret from resident ladies.

In Latin America, ladies have their own secret to straight hair: the technique is called “La toca.” To style curled hair, ladies from tropical countries wash their hair, dry it on the cool setting, and wrap their largely dry hair around their head, fixing it with hairpins. following morning they wake up with straight shiny hair.

3-oils mask

Mix vegetable oil, castor oil, and subshrub oil in equal proportions. the quantity of the oils depends on the length of your hair and its thickness. the combo ought to be heated up in a water tub and applied to the full length of your hair. Wrap your hair in a warm towel, and keep the mask on for 40 minutes.

Olive oil mask

If you don’t have the categories of oils mentioned higher than, you’ll be able to use only one. Heat 3 tablespoons of olive oil, and apply it to your hair. cowl your hair with a plastic wrap to create a mini “greenhouse impact.” For a better effect, leave the mask on overnight and wash your hair in the morning (though it might be a bit troublesome to wash the mask off). you may would like to apply your shampoo many times to wash off the oils properly. you’ll be able to additionally rinse your hair with 1 liter of warm water with juice.

7- an extra very little helper: colorless henna

Another standard product that several ladies with curled hair use are henna. It makes the hair structure a bit thicker, and, as a result, it becomes heavier and straighter. It can additionally be used to treat dandruff and forestall split ends.

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