Top 7 mistakes in sleep make us gain weight at night


Bedtime Mistakes

When we curl up in bed at night to have our 8 o’clock, we usually do not think much about what the bathroom scale will tell us in the morning. Unfortunately, some of our nighttime habits and bedtime mistakes can be devastating for our waistlines and leave us puzzled as to how we gained those extra pounds.
If you are not sure, here are seven mistakes made at bedtime that make us gain weight at night and of which you may be guilty. Continue reading!

1. Do not get enough sleep

You may think that the only drawback to not getting enough sleep is the dark circles under your eyes and the need for more coffee in the morning. However, the lack of side effects of sleep is huge in our body and our mind. For example, not getting enough sleep can also make us gain more weight.

2. Late-night coffee

You already know that caffeine is a big mistake when you’re gaining weight, but even decaffeinated coffee is one of the worst drinks you can take just before you go to bed. Scientists have linked the chlorogenic acid found in coffee to weight gain.

If you try to avoid taking more pounds, go-to herbal tea at night. Chamomile is an excellent choice because it not only contains almost no calories, but its soothing properties will prepare you for sleep.

3. Do not work

It is important to exercise during the day, not only to burn a few extra calories but also to prepare you to sleep better at night. People who train tend to sleep more and more deeply.

They also experience an increase in endorphins, which stimulates mood and may help reduce the desire for comfort foods. Let’s face it, after doing something to reduce weight gain; we often feel more inspired to eat a healthier meal.

4. Use of electronic devices in the room

Electronic devices are bad for a restful night’s sleep. The blue light from the backlight of most screens burns through melatonin, preventing you from getting those precious 8 hours. The screens also keep our brain active so you do not have the time to fall asleep.

To avoid this, read a book or other silent activity before going to bed and keep the time on the screen for the morning. Your body will thank you.

5. Not having enough sun before going to bed

Although most of us associate with weight gain sitting on the couch, you may be surprised to learn that it’s not just the lack of activity that makes it a bedtime mistake.

Your body needs sunlight to help balance circadian rhythms, make vitamin D, and get ready for day and night. Without sunlight, your body may become confused and assume that lack of sun is due to winter.

6. Midnight snack

You may not remember that you nibbled pesos at 2 am when you got up to go to the bathroom, but your waist will certainly do it. Late night snack ideas are bad for you in many ways. Your sleeping body is not prepared for digestion, and the snacks we tend to eat when we are still tired, and the inhibitions are low, are not the healthy ones.d

If you have to nibble all night long, make sure you have healthy snacks late at night, like raw vegetables and a dip, so you do not have to worry about what to eat.

7. Do not go to sleep hungry

You have probably heard that your health should avoid eating a big meal just before going to bed. It is also important not to starve either. Not only will these hunger pangs prevent you from sleeping, but you will probably wake up making bad food choices the next day.

It’s hard to choose a serving of fresh fruit and a glass of moisturizing water when your hungry body of calories is overwhelmed by the desire for bacon and eggs. To avoid this error, choose a snack before bedtime when you are not hungry, for example just after dinner.

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