Know who you are as a person throught the shape of your belly buttom ??


Omphalomancy is the investigation of novel shapes. It is utilized to foresee one’s identity and center characteristics. While it might sound senseless to the individuals who don’t comprehend the science behind it, the shape, shading, and bulge can say much regarding the person.

1: Downward



A downward belly button may suggest that you are somebody with low vitality, however, this is just as far as physical effort. If you’re someone with a downward-facing belly button, at that point you are somebody who likes to work shrewdly.

In order to save those close to you, you jump at a moment’s notice to suffer alone. Your welcoming and generous nature enable you to be really good with people. You get better as you age and are bound to get wiser. One of the challenges you may face is keeping the spirit of selflessness alive in this selfish world. However, you may find renewed strength in understanding that you only need to be true to yourself.

2: Big



    A huge and deep belly button suggests that you are a generous and very giving person. If you possess this form of a belly button, you don’t hold again on being the better person and giving even when it is not your responsibility.
    In order to save those close to you, Your welcoming and beneficial nature allow you to be without a doubt appropriate with people. You get better as you age and are bound to get wiser. One of the challenges you can also face is maintaining the spirit of selflessness alive in this egocentric world. However, you may also locate renewed strength in a grasp that you solely need to be actual to yourself.

3: Protruding



    If you have a protruding belly, then you are somebody with very huge willpower. You own an unyielding personality who may seem a little too stubborn to let go of things readily.
    However, thou stick by your views as they are the results of keen thought and calculation. You are also somebody who loves being in the spotlight. You may not openly admit to this, but you know your worth, and like to be recognized for who you are. Though you may take some time to find the ‘the one’ when it comes to romance.

4: Oval



    People with oval-shaped belly buttons have traits like high sensitivity and disorder. If your belly button has an associate oval form, then you’re presumably to be in constant want of stimulation.
    It is very simple for you to urge bored, hence the restlessness. Thus, your curiosity is your driving force. However, you’re conjointly very sensitive as a person. Since you method things deeply, you’re prone to get hurt simply. however no matter the pain or suffering, you’d not voice it out. You tend to suffer in silence, but you must conjointly notice that your curiosity will offer you hope within the darkest of times.


5: Wide



    Wide belly buttons are indicative of personalities that don’t believe lowering their guard. If you’ve got a wide shaped belly button, then you’re someone who is incredibly careful and reluctant to trust others simply.

6: Round 



    A round belly button suggests that you are a hopeful person, the one that can see the faintest of light in the darkest of are someone who believes in hope.
    Your relationships are stable and prosper as a result of you are not afraid to share your thoughts and feelings. Pain cannot keep your smile down for long, as you concentrate on learning from your suffering than just suffering may not be the foremost lucky ones within the lot, however, your happy-go-lucky nature will turn the bleakest days into the foremost enjoyable ones.

7: Upward



    If you have a belly button with big, It is said that folks with this sort of belly button possess a healthy brain (comparatively). It also means the person had a healthy birth.
    Active and energetic are some of your most defining personality traits. You do not need external motivation, as you have deep reservoirs of thrust because of dearly held goals. You are willing to place everything into your pursuit of goals and are accepting of the actual fact that it will take time.

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