8 Habits we mistakenly consider harmless


Mistakenly Considered Harmless

Everyone knows that going to bed late and eating too much is unhealthy. But sometimes even the most harmless habits can be dangerous for our health. Did you know that you could end up in the hospital if you sneeze your sneeze?

We have compiled a list of habits which seem harmless but which in fact represent a great danger to our health.

1. Lick and blow small wounds

Who suffers: the healing process.

What is the first thing you want to do when you cut your finger? Blow on it or lick it? Scientists at Harvard University have calculated more than 600 species of microorganisms that live in people’s mouths. Among all these organisms, there are always staphylococci and streptococci. The clotted blood on the wound is a great place to live. You need to apply a special medicine to the wound, otherwise, it will take much longer to heal.

2. Reading while lying in bed

What suffers: the eyes, the spinal cord and the skin of the neck.

When reading in bed, follow these rules:

Do not keep the book too close to your eyes.
Do not bend your back or stretch your neck.
Do not read lying on your side – the distance from the book will constantly change and your eyes will have to do more work.
Do not read lying on your stomach – you can damage your spinal cord this way.
As you can see, it can be quite difficult to follow all of these rules. But remember, most of these types of positions can lead to the development of deep horizontal wrinkles on the neck.

3. Chew gum often

Who suffers: stomach, teeth and short-term memory.

There are several consequences of chewing gum too often.

The chewing process stimulates the production of gastric juice. So do not chew gum before eating. This can lead to gastritis and even an ulcer.
Chewing gum is also harmful to your teeth. As saliva production increases, it can eat through teeth and dental fillings.
Chewing gum also has an impact on memory. It improves memorization and helps to focus on tasks that require a long observation. But it does affect short-term memory, which makes you less focused.

4. Touch your face and rub your eyes

What suffers: the skin and the eyes.

If you touch your face often with your hands, you can get a whole catalog of different infections like acne, herpes and many more. If you rub your eyes, you can get conjunctivitis which is a really unpleasant infectious disease that involves inflammation, tears, burning, and sensitivity to light.

5. Wash your hair with hot water

Who suffers: the cerebral vessels and the scalp.

If you like to take a shower in very hot water, it is high time that you stop doing it. First of all, it can cause very bad headaches and dizziness. And secondly, hot water stimulates the function of the sebaceous glands on the scalp, which makes hair really dirty.

6. Delivery to the toilet

What suffers: the kidneys, the urinary system, and the intestine.

In June 2018, a young player from Britain was hospitalized after spending 8 hours playing a game without taking a break. His bowels and bladder were so swollen that doctors thought he had a cancerous tumor. All doctors agree: you shouldn’t keep it, because if you do, you could injure your muscles, which could lead to urinary tract infection and constipation.

7. Chew something solid

What suffers: teeth, gums, and mouth.

People who like to chew pens, pencils, paper clips, and other solid objects usually have huge problems with enamel. This is also why you should not try to open bottles, chews, ice cubes and lollipops. More than that, you can get an infection if you do.

8. Sleep on the pillow face down

What suffers: your breathing, your blood circulation, your spinal cord, and your facial skin.

It is comfortable but dangerous to sleep on your pillow face down. In this position, breathing is difficult, the neck is in an unnatural position, blood circulation worsens and the vertebrae of the neck are in danger. In addition, doctors warn that wrinkles you may have after sleeping in this position will soon become constant – they will never go away!

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