6 Popular Foods Which Will Make Your Kidneys Dirty


kidneys dirty

The kidneys play a really important role in your body: they’re liable for the elimination of waste through urine, the assembly of hormones and therefore the filtering of poisons and extra fluids within the blood. That’s why you would like to require excellent care of your kidneys and monitor them to stay healthy. Unfortunately, some foods can harm them and affect their normal function if consumed in excess.

We have compiled a listing of the most popular foods which will cause serious damage to your kidneys.

1. Oranges and fruit juices.

While oranges and fruit juices are low in calories and rich in vitamin C, they also contain tons of potassium. A medium-sized orange provides 240 mg of potassium and a cup of fruit crush can contain about 470 mg.

Given these figures, the consumption of oranges and fruit juices should be limited, especially once you don’t have fully functional kidneys. If they can not remove excess potassium from the blood, it is often very dangerous for your body.


Although avocado is popular and praised for its various nutritional qualities, eating an excessive amount of is usually dangerous for the kidneys, especially if you have already got renal disorder. then the rationale is that this fruit features a very high potassium level.

Our body needs this mineral, but an excessive amount of potassium within the blood can cause serious problems like muscle cramps and an irregular heartbeat.

3. meat

Eating an excessive amount of meat can cause kidney problems because animal proteins are often very difficult to metabolize, making waste disposal a burden on the kidneys. A diet rich in animal protein also can cause kidney stones. Meat contains high amounts of purines that stimulate the assembly of acid, which is one of the common causes of kidney stones.

Instead, you’ll eat more vegetables and nuts, and you will always get the protein your body needs.

4. Bananas

If you think that you’ve got kidney problems, good nutrition and a correct diet are essential to remaining healthy. And this means limiting the consumption of certain foods like bananas, as they require a high level of potassium, which might be harmful to those whose kidneys don’t function properly.

A healthy adult should have a daily intake of three,500 to 4,700 mg of potassium from the diet and a mean banana (150 g) already contains 537 mg. But if you’ve got kidney problems, your potassium intake should be lower because your body can’t filter the surplus, which could lead to serious health problems.

5. Whole wheat bread

Whole wheat bread is healthy and nutritious, but it’s consumed in large quantities and, especially in people with kidney problems, it could cause further kidney damage. The cause is that the high amounts of phosphorus and potassium contained during this sort of bread. One slice of whole wheat bread contains 70 mg of potassium and 57 mg of phosphorus, while a slice of sunshine bread contains only 25 mg per slice.

6. Dairy products

Although dairy products are rich in vitamins and nutrients, an excessive amount of milk, yogurt, and cheese can do more harm than good. And this might happen due to the huge amount of phosphorus in these foods that might stress the kidneys.

Also, if your kidneys aren’t fully functional, they will not be able to remove extra phosphorus from your blood, which could lead to weakening and thinning of the bones over time and an increased risk of fractures.

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