5 foods you can eat to fight Alzheimer’s disease and 3 to avoid


While mental exercises play an important role in fighting Alzheimer’s and staying away from this condition, having a healthy diet is also mandatory in protecting you from dementia, Alzheimer’s and other related conditions.

According to a recent study, there are certain foods you can eat in order to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s and to fight it. Additionally, there are certain foods you need to avoid at all costs because they have been proven to negatively impact your brain activity.

Let’s explore some of these miracle fruits you can start eating today. We advise you to start incorporating them into your daily regimen in order to enjoy a stronger brain and keep dementia and Alzheimer’s at bay.

Top Foods for a Healthy Brain and Foods to Avoid

1. Greens

greens and green peas


Greens and vegetables are your primary source of vitamins and minerals. The nutrients present in veggies, such as flavonoids, folate, carotenoids, and Vitamin E, are perfect for brain health and protect you from Alzheimer’s. Some of the best greens you can eat include collards, spinach, kale, and lettuce. These have been shown to decrease the rate of brain aging and to protect you from old-age related conditions. Thus, stay healthy, and don’t forget to include a daily salad into your meal plan.

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