10 Warnings signs you Get When your Kidneys Start Failing


Our body does a lot while our minds take in data. Having a busy life might make it difficult to see the warning signs coming from our bodies. The repercussions for not listening to these signs our body is giving us could be disastrous.

We have gathered the most warning signs for you when your kidneys start failing. ??

10. Your Pattern of Urinating Changes

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It is the responsibility of your kidney to produce urine and get rid of waste via it. Do not ignore any change in the color, smell, and overall look of your urine. These changes are:

Foamy urine. This indicates the presence of too much protein in your urine.

Blood in your urine. A functioning kidney is supposed to sieve out waste from your blood to produce urine. The blood cells leak into the urine once the sieve is destroyed resulting in high CPC.

Excessive urinating, particularly at night. It is normal to urinate at least four to ten times daily. Anything outside that is abnormal.

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