7 Colon Pain Symptoms that Shouldn’t Be Ignored


Our generation is one that lives within waste and evolution. The food we eat is processed, the air we breathe is dirty, and the lives we lead are not healthy. A rise in terminal diseases made a healthcare management degree nothing to scoff at, for people’s lives have become forfeit in this world of ours where cancer is quite common. Colon cancer, especially, seems to be spreading steadily, especially among men.

To help you find out if you have colon cancer prematurely, here are 7 early signs of colon cancer.

7- Pain in the Abdomen

Pain in the Abdomen

While abdominal pain is certainly common, there are times when it could be a harbinger of something worse to come. There are cases where you could be suffering from ulcerative colitis, diverticulitis, and, sometimes, even colon cancer.

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