7 Colon Pain Symptoms that Shouldn’t Be Ignored


4- Bloody stool

Bloody stool

One day, you might look in your toilet bowl and find blood. At first, do not freak out, for it is a common occurrence. However, should it persevere for a very long time, you must visit your doctor, for bloody stool, at worst, is a symptom of colon cancer.


3- Unusual defecation

Unusual defecation

It may be repulsive, but the shape, texture, and color of our excrement is a sign of our wellbeing. Normal-sized and colored feces prove you are perfectly fine, whereas thin, darker brown feces is a sign of ingested blood in the intestines, signifying the presence of colon cancer in the process. Luckily, it is easy to notice this sign, and the early discovery makes colon cancer treatable.

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