7 Colon Pain Symptoms that Shouldn’t Be Ignored


6- Constipation


It is normal to be constipated at times. However, there are some cases in which it cannot be considered as only bowel movement problems. If you are feeling pain during defecation, and it is accompanied by constipation, a colon cancer home test is advised, after which you must visit your doctor post-haste.


5- Diarrhea


On the other end of the spectrum of digestive tract disorders, we find diarrhea. While it is all good and well to suffer from diarrhea on time, either due to eating certain foods or having allergies, it is important to notice the signs. For example, should you not eat any foods that do not cause diarrhea or trigger your allergies and bowel movements, yet suffer from diarrhea nonetheless, you have to visit the doctor for a colon cancer check-up.

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