10 Warnings signs you Get When your Kidneys Start Failing


8. Swollen Eyes

Puffy eyes and small business health insurance

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Having protein in your urine is one of the earliest signs that the filter system in your kidney is bad and this can cause the parts around your eyes to get swollen. Swollen eyes are as a result of a lot of protein being leaked into the urine by the kidney, instead of keeping it and moving around your body.

Book an appointment with your doctor if your eyes are still swollen despite being well-rested and having lots of protein in your body.

7. Swollen Feet, Hands, and Ankles

Swelling in ankles, feet and hands

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The extra liquid is not taken from the body by malfunctioning kidneys and because of this sodium remains in the body, thereby resulting in swollen hands, feet, and ankles. It might also be a symptom of having issues in the veins or heart and liver disease.

Let it be known that at times all you need to do to stop the swelling is by reducing your salt intake, eliminating too much fluid from the body, and taking some drugs. If this doesn’t work, then contact your doctor to find a health plan.

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